With over 150 years of collective experience, our knowledgeable and skilled staff at Sigma Eyehealth Centers is pleased to offer you the most professional and comprehensive eye care and service possible.


Vicki Hein, CPO

Joined the Team in September 1984

“The best part of working at Sigma for me, is working with the patients and helping them meet their eye care needs.”

Beth Welsch, CPO
Office Administrator

Joined the Team in February 1989

"I love working at Sigma because we provide our patients with the state of the art health care they deserve, and the Sigma team is a pleasure to work with."

Deb Siebels, A.A.S., CPOA
Office Coordinator

Joined the Team in November 1993

“One of the things I enjoy while working at Sigma are my coworkers, they are a pleasure to work with.”

Sharon McLees, CPO
Lead Optician

Joined the Team in September 1995

“The best part of working at Sigma Eyehealth Centers for me, is meeting new people and helping with the selection of their new eyewear."

Becky Koch, A.A.S.
Optometric Assistant
Joined the Team in October 2012

“I enjoy coming to work each day and teaming up with the great staff we have at Sigma.”

Elizabeth Morgan, BA
Optometric Assistant

Joined the Team in March 2014

"I enjoy working at Sigma because it is a practice that values your vision but even more importantly, the overall health of your eyes."

Becky Menster
Optometric Assistant
Joined the Team in August 2014

"It's a very rewarding feeling knowing I've helped to provide the best possible care for our patients at Sigma Eyehealth Centers and I feel very lucky to be a part of such a great group.”

Kathy Salow
Patient Services Coordinator

Joined the Team in January 2015

“What I love about working at Sigma is the versatility the day brings. Each patient that comes in has different needs, from helping with their insurance, billing questions, scheduling, and picking out glasses, it feel good to help them in so many different ways. I also love the people I work with which makes work fun."

     chrissie  selena

Kelly Behrends
Joined the Team in June 2015

“Working at Sigma I enjoy assisting our patients with their frame selections, whether it's for fashion or rugged reliability.”

April Dolphin
Optometric Assistant
Joined the Team in July 2015

“I truly enjoy working with all of the patients in each office and helping them meet their expectations for their eye care needs.  It is also a great pleasure to work with such a terrific team at Sigma Eyehealth Centers.”

Chrissy Selby
Joined the Team in July 2016

 “After working in a different field for 15 years, working at Sigma has been a great experience. Every day, I get up realizing I will likely learn something new, meet fascinating people and truly make a difference in someone's life.”

Selina Howard-Grant
Office Coordinator
Joined the Team in 
August 2016

“There are several reasons I love working at Sigma -- no two days are alike, we have some of the best patients, and the staff are such a fun-caring group of individuals.”